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Update: We now charge the card on your order at the time of purchase.

In the event of an order cancellation, you will receive a full refund for the order.  

If only part of your order is available for fulfillment, because of an inventory discrepancy or product damage, for example, you will receive a refund for the unfulfillable item(s).


OLD: Your card is only charged if all available items from your order have been shipped. Our transaction process has 2 steps.

Authorization (Funds are allocated when the order is placed to be sure your account can cover the charge. This authorization will show up as “Pending” on your statement) Funds are taken by www.gearheadoutfitters.com and www.rockcreekoutfitters.com only when your order has been fulfilled and given a shipping label).

* If you are paying with a debit or gift card, this two step process may differ, depending on your bank’s terms.

Since your order was never shipped, we did not collect any funds from your account (as explained above). Your pending authorization will be removed from your account after a period of about 3 business days. This process is completed by your bank or card issuer, so the speed with which the authorization is removed is at their discretion.

No. We only collect funds for items that have been marked as shipped in our system. If an item was removed from your order, you should see the pending authorization on your account be replaced with the billed amount, which will be the authorization amount less the amount of any missing items. If you notice any discrepancies with your billed amount after 1-2 business days, please contact us at 888-246-4453 or by email at support@gho.com.

Occasionally, PayPal with fail to redirect you to our site to complete your order. This results in an authorization being placed on your PayPal account, but no order being created in our system. To void your PayPal transaction, please email your PayPal transaction ID to us at support@gho.comrequesting cancellation of your PayPal order. You may then reattempt placing your order.

We accept our gift cards at all of our local stores as well as our online store.

If you are experiencing issues using your card, or if you have an Uncle Dan's, Rock/Creek, or Erehwon gift card from before 10/1/2019, please email the card code or a picture of the card itself and we will make sure you can use it on our site if you want to.

Gift cards or e-gift cards may be purchased at any time online.

Yes, but the balance must be able to cover the entire order. We are not able to accept more than 1 credit card number per order, so splitting your order between 2 or more forms of payment is not possible.

Question about existing order

Please email us or give us a call to inquire about canceling an order. We can take a look to see where your order is in processing and will try to cancel it. We cannot cancel your order if it has already been shipped, so please try to make your cancellation request as soon as you know you no longer wish to receive the item.

Customer service phone number: 888-246-4453

Price Matching & Promotions

If you find an identical product — same season, same color, same style, same size — on a competitor’s site, we’ll match their price! Just send a link or a screenshot of the deal to our customer service team at support@gho.com and let them know you need a price match. They’ll take care of you.

Please visit our Fair Price Promise Page for more stipulations and details.

All Prices presented on gearheadoutfitters.com and rockcreekoutfitters.com are up to date and correct. If you navigate away from our site or are directed to our site from another, outdated information may claim that we have sale prices, item availability, or coupon codes that are no longer applicable. Gearhead Outfitters and Rock/Creek will not acknowledge these sale prices. There’s a whole lot of internet out there, and we can’t police every third-party site that makes claims about udans.com. We reserve the right to adhere to the pricing, promo codes, and item availability that is available solely through gearheadoutfitters.com and rockcreekoutfitters.com

Placing an order

We are committed to your privacy and keeping your sensitive information safe. Our site is fully secure and we do not share your personal information with other websites. For a full explanation of Gearhead and Rock/Creek’s safety standards, you may visit our Privacy & Security page.

Most of the time, yes. Unfortunately, errors do happen and occasionally inventory which does not physically exist can be ordered. The most common errors can be found with clearance and sale inventory because there is typically low stock and the inventory may be from past seasons. If you would like assurance that your order is in stock, please call our customer service team.

Sure! But you might miss out on checking out our fantastic stores. Most items available on our site are also available in our store locations. If you’re interested in visiting one of our stores to browse, the website can still help. It’s always up-to-date with our latest inventory information, so if you select the size and color of the item you’re interested in, you can see which stores have that item available.

You can save on shipping by placing your order for pick-up in store. If the item isn’t available at that location, it will be shipped to the store for you. You’ll receive an email when the item’s ready to be picked up.

You must first enter a shipping address in order to access the shipping method options, including pick-up in store. Please enter an address to select your shipping method and store location.

Yes, please contact the store that you’d like to visit to set up a transfer. Transfers may take 2-3 business days to get the item to the location you want.

If there is only one or two of an item left in stock, the store may require you to purchase the item before sending it to the store location for pick-up. This protects your item from being purchased by someone else on the web before you get a chance to try it on.

If one of the brands Gearhead or Rock/Creek carries makes something you really, really, really like, but we don’t carry it online or in stores, we are able to place a special order. Please note that if the item you like is in stock with the manufacturer, sale prices or discount codes cannot be applied. Also keep in mind that special orders can take at least 2 weeks and additional shipping charges may apply.